Dr. Judi Cinéas  is a Florida and New York Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Dr. Cinéas received a Ph.D. in Global Leadership from Lynn University where she specialized in Corporate & Organizational Management. She completed her undergraduate education at Lesley University, and received a Master of Social Work degree from Florida Atlantic University.  She has extensive    experience working with individuals, families and organizations providing Counseling and Behavior Modification services in Florida and New York.


Dr. Cinéas uses a combination of clinical counseling methodologies with Coaching Masteries and leadership skills and training to develop client-specific approaches tailored to the individual and the presenting goal. This method allows for versatility in our services that can be beneficial to individuals or groups seeking personal or professional growth and development as well as organizations seeking to promote staff development and empowerment. She specializes in brief therapeutic models that allow clients to resolve presenting issues in a shorter period. Dr. Cinéas' services assist clients addressing presenting issues hindering them from reaching their current goals, and prepares them to boldly tackle future challenges and realize their full potential.


Dr. Cinéas is the author of

Six Months to Doctor: How to Complete a Dissertation in Six Months (2010)

Attitude Adjustment: Keys to Living Life on Your Terms  (2012)